Package 3: Oslob Whale Shark and Island Hopping in Moalboal

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Adding to the already fascinating underwater discovery of Pescador Island is a visit to the small town of Oslob. This town is famous for it is where you can meet another fascinating creature, the whale sharks.



On this tour, we will head to the quiet town of Oslob to swim with the whale sharks, for a truly once in a lifetime experience. Afterwards, let’s say hi to the other fascinating marine creatures such as the sea turtle and the well-known sardine run. Rest assured that you are in good hands for our boat and captain are the only fully-registered in Moalboal.


Proposed Itinerary


4:00 am:         Hotel or airport pick-up (Cebu city or Mactan) with our air-conditioned van or car, depending on the number of guests.

6:00 am:         Arrival in Oslob

6:30 am:         Swimming with the whale sharks

7:30 am:         Breakfast (free coffee and fruit)

8:00 am:         Go to Moalboal

10:00 am:       Snorkeling in Pescador Island to see the Turtle area and the Sardine run

12:30/13:00:   Lunch in Moalboal

14:00:              Trip back to Cebu

17:00-18:00:    Arrival at the hotel/airport


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