Package 4: Oslob Whale Shark and Kawasan Falls

From: 2,000.00

After an exhilarating rendezvous with the whale sharks, we will spend the rest of the morning in pure relaxation. Indulge in Kawasan Falls’ luminescent blue spring water with a dip or a plunge.



Swim with the gentle whale sharks in Oslob for a memorable morning and discover the beauty of Kawasan falls on a relaxing stroll. Feel free to take a plunge into its soothing waters.


Proposed Itinerary


 4:00 am:         Hotel or airport pick-up (Cebu city or Mactan) with our air-conditioned van or car, depending on the number of guests.

6:00 am:         Arrival in Oslob

6:30 am:         Swimming with the whale sharks

7:30 am:         Breakfast (free coffee and fruit)

8:00 am:         Go to Kawasan Falls

9:30 am:         Walk/stroll/travel by foot to go to the second falls

Swimming with one jump through the falls. Lunch afterward.

12:30/13:00:     Trip back to Cebu

16:00/17:00:      Arrival at the hotel/airport



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