Package 7: Island Hopping and Busay Cave

From: 2,000.00

A relatively effortless adventure that can be enjoyed by kids and adults. Busay cave is the home to some bats, birds and a wonderful formation of stalactites and stalagmites. Afterwards, enjoy a well-deserved dip in the natural spring waters.



Discover the hidden gems of Pescador Island via snorkeling in the morning and explore the captivating Busay Cave in the afternoon.


Proposed Itinerary


5:00 am:               Hotel or airport pick-up (Cebu city or Mactan) with our air-conditioned van or car, depending on the number of guests.

7:30 am:               Arrival in Moalboal

8:00 am:               Breakfast (free coffee and fruit)

Snorkeling in Pescador Island to see the Turtle area and the Sardine run

10:30/11:00 am:  Go to Busay cave

12:00 pm:              Lunch in Busay Cave. Tour and swimming afterward.

14:00:                     Trip back to the hotel/airport

16:00/17:00:          Arrival at the hotel/airport



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